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My list so far

Long time ago, when the blog was conceived, it was started to cover a list of wishes/tasks/dreams that I want to achieve before I’m 30. Let’s see where we stand, as of today, on them.

1. Do/Get enrolled for Masters

Well, I attended a 10-day course from IIT-Delhi. If I pass in it, I’ll at least get a certificate. While this doesn’t cover my above stated dream, it’s a start in the direction. And, if things work out well, then I may be able to do Masters as well. But, honestly, I am not sure if that’s what I want exactly anymore. Anyhow, will go with the flow for the moment.

2. Go touring to some historical or culturally rich place with Mom

Not done.
3. Start learning some dance form.

Started and aborted. Didn’t start any specific dance form but there were classes happening at our gym. That was a good start. But, the gym took out a lot of my time from Anay. So, I aborted it for now. 😦
4. Create a pipeline.

Not done. Thinking in process. As has been for years. Hope this thought culminates into something conclusive soon. I did start some research on this one. Went to meet couple of people but the responses were quite disheartening. I know that’s what I want to be involved in ultimately. When I’ll be able to involve in it, that’s a question that remains open.
5. Go for a foreign trip

Well, this will happen as soon as I get the passports done for Anay and family. 😛
6. Go for a week’s trip alone.

Not done. Not happening in near future either 😛
7. Try a cigarette.

Not done. Let’s see when 😉
8. Practice the Geeta regularly.

Started. Aborted. Basically, whenever I start reading the Geeta, it takes away all my time for reading. And, after few days, I get bored of reading the same thing daily. So, I end up quitting completely. Will have to make some extra time for this OR find some way to put quotes from Geeta up on wall.
9. Give 1% to charity.

DONE. While this is something I would like to do every year, I’m done with it for this year. A very fulfilling and enriching experience.
10. Khamadkhaamna

DONE. This is another thing which has to keep happening. Here, I wanted to say sorry to all my friends or contacts whom I left as time went on. These people contacted me, tried to keep in touch, but I never took any measures to return the favor. I decided to get back in touch. There were very close friends who got out of touch. And it was hard to form a proper message/mail to send, or make that call. But, in the end, I’m very happy I did. Will try to keep it up.
11. Reduce weight. Add fitness to my daily routine.

Started. Aborted. Joined gym. Went off and on for two or so months. Enjoyed the thing a lot yet had to abort. My office and then gym took away major portion of my time from home. And while Anay was fine, I was not. I will get back to it once I make some amendments to my schedule. On it. Let’s see when I can say ‘DONE’ to this one. Right now, it’s a long shot.
12. No junk for a month.

Started, unsuccessful, started, unsuccessful. Have started this many times but end up fouling in at max 12 days. Lord knows this is turning out to be a tough one.
13. A road trip in India

Will have to reform this one. I’m travelling to many places but don’t feel like calling this done.
14. Get rid of my dog fear

Aahhh!! Long story. Not done.
15. Go to US for some time with T and A

Not done.
16. Get my space.

Well, as of today, I can say, I’ve been working and getting it somehow. Tomorrow, my answer may change. Let’s call it Work-in-progress.


2 thoughts on “My list so far

  1. I don’t know why some of the itens have been termed or sound “unsuccesful attempts ” – like the junk food one , i guess its ok if u stray once in a while – the point is u shud come back to the same routine again , keepo trying again n again , if thats so its a success ( it will automatically become a way of life down the line if u keep trying) …that way i see most of the items in this list as success 🙂

    1. Well, reading your comment, I also feel ‘yeah, she’s right’. 🙂 One thing is definitely true, that I’m at least trying. Coz, these things matter to me. And as long as they matter, you can’t quit. Thanks! 🙂

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