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Expectations, cribbing….. cribbing and some more cribbing

When I looked at my posts in the recent past, they have been more of cribbing than reflections, or thoughts. I want to keep the blog to keep a note of my day to day thoughts. But, since some time, I have been quite busy at the home-front. And, that has led to more cribbing than usual.

Either I should stop taking it out here, or I can hope things will improve in some time.

Anyways, my MIL returned from her 5-day break from her Mom’s place yesterday. She had been running and working almost round the clock there, and as expected, she’s not well now. Now, while she was working there, I was running and getting worked-up equally, here. While everyone knows about her hard-word and expects her to take some time off, no one seems to notice mine. (Why is it always the case with me?). So now, while I’m of course taking care of everything, none of it is appreciated.

<What do you want? Someone to keep saying thank you for it, all the time!?>

No, but at least, a smile, or a recognition of the same. On the contrary, I receive some cold glances for not sitting and talking to her when she’s not well.

If you didn’t notice, then I’m tired too and unlike you, I don’t have the day to rest further, and leave everything aside…I have to go to my job, and I’m expected to ‘work’ there too.

Gosh! I am tired of living my life to fulfill someone’s expectations. The only goal of my life has become to match up to their expectations. And somehow, I always end up falling short.

God, please be merciful.

<Well, another post of cribbing. And that too, when you promised yourself not to crib! Baah!>

<Sigh> Tomorrow is another day.


3 thoughts on “Expectations, cribbing….. cribbing and some more cribbing

    1. Well, my life would be much easier, if I knew I was right and I’ve given my best. But, most of the times, mostly because it’s personal life and opinions involved, I’m unsure, whether my thoughts and actions are right, or not. Whether I’ve tried my level best to accommodate and adjust. But, sadly, there’s no thermometer (or some other meter) to check that bar.

    2. But, sincerely thanks for writing back. Mostly when I right about personal issues, people go silent. They don’t mind saying goodie things about you, or liking you, when the topic is general, but they never ever speak up when they disagree. I wish there were more people who wouldn’t care if they ruffled my feathers, but be honest and open to bash me up, if they think I’m going wrong. Just like a well-wisher.

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