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The year gone by

It’s my last working day in the year 2013. We’re going on a 2-week shutdown from tomorrow. Not sure if I’ll get time to blog from home, so I thought it is good time to reflect and introspect on the year gone by.

The year 2013 was an eventful one. Return from Bangalore, making it a happening one.

It didn’t start on a very positive note. With all the tensions around the job, the insecurities, the feeling of being back to square one in my career, whoops! Yes, it was bad. I still remember my FB status on Jan 1’2013 was ‘Feeling sad’. Right on the first day of the year! Bad!

But, the year showed lot of colors. It showed the co-operation and warmth my family gave me. My parents, Tarun’s parents, my brother.

My pillar of support, my husband.
Because of the shift to Bangalore and work-from-home for Tarun, things were quite difficult for him, at office front, himself. Then, we had a lot to handle ourselves, because we were living alone in Bangalore. So, he had to share quite some load at home too. Then, I was distraught. I would be totally shattered emotionally sometimes, whenever some interview would happen and I wouldn’t hear back from them. God, the memories, bring goosebumps on how crazy things were. By January,2013, I had given odd 20 interviews. Not for 20 companies, but because I was looking to shift back into a Product company, and mostly product companies have a 4-interview rounds kinda rule, so I ended up giving lots and lots of interviews. You can’t imagine the agony and heartbreak each one gave. And, at the end of each one, it was only Tarun who handled me. And, he handled it really well.

The year and those times showed me how you cannot make your own plans. God does have his own plans and he won’t let yours work if he doesn’t find them befitting. There were times when I used to get calls from HR asking me to wait up and they would be soon getting back with the offer letter. And then, days and weeks would pass, but nothing came back. I mean, totally meaningless and crazy. I tried inquiring through contacts on what went wrong, and I would not get anything conclusive. Anything that made sense.

Well, forget it. That’s all past me.

The post is about reflections, not more cribs.

The good from all of it.
– I joined my current company. I got my deserved position. And, I got it totally out of my own capabilities. There’s not even a hint anywhere that it happened because my husband works here, or because he’s such a great employee. I had my reservations there. Some very serious ones. And they have been put to rest after joining.

– We got to stay in Bangalore and we had some really nice time together. I got a glimpse of what living alone would be. Making your own house. How messy I am. 😛 Brigade Metropolis was really the highlight. Made some great friends. Some very strong and able women. Learnt a lot from them.

– Enjoyed and observed a new culture, a new kind of human breed. Something that I totally cherish.

– My respect for my husband and on his love, went a notch higher. I never thought that it could go any higher.

And you know, the day I had my Calypto interview, both my SILs were visiting. I had blessings and wishes from the complete family. Each one of them, my parents, my brother, my FIL, my MIL, my husband, my SILs….each one, was silently praying for me to succeed. I think that had a major role to play in my success that day too.

After returning back in April, well, life is back to settled. Not sure if that settles with me well, but that is how it is going to be. At least, I am clear that I won’t try to be hasty or aggressive about my decisions of moving places, easily now.
Lot of small trips. Many places visited.

Let’s see what 2014 has in store for me.

My resolutions for 2014:

1. Patience : I guess it’s a virtue that still evades me. Have been trying and will continue to try.

2. Be more humble : I’ll try to be more humble and accepting towards my family. Whether I understand it or not, I’ll try and keep faith. I have cribbed a lot but I am not sure if I’ve given it my best shot. Will try to.

3. Think before you speak : I definitely need to follow this.

4. Anay: Spend some quality time with him. 🙂

Thank You God for everything.


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