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And a new year brings in new beginnings

Dear Diary,

Lots of thoughts today.

1. First post of the year.

2. Went to the bank yesterday. Found two cases of bastards who think ogling at women is their birthright. Repeatedly, made them aware that I know what they are doing. The bastards retaliate after three reminders. I was just one repetition away from shouting at them and creating a scene.
My resolution for the year – Enough of ‘avoiding’ and ‘ignoring’. Next time any one of them thinks I am a social property, I’ll give them a piece of my mind. Loud and clear. I never try to teach my son to call for trouble or start a fight but I definitely teach him to stand up on his own if he lands into one. I will try and teach myself and all the daughters around me, the same. Don’t deliberately land into trouble but DO NOT IGNORE or AVOID. Enough Avoiding. I don’t need Men now to protect me. Enough of banking on fathers, brothers or husbands. They are the ones who teach you or tell you to avoid. You can’t stand up to me. Fine. I stand up to my own.

3. There is an Indian festival called Sakranti in the month of January. It is supposed to be celebrated to welcome the new year and spring season, etc. We’re supposed to give warm clothes away. Normally, all these festivals have been converted to the meaning of giving clothes to your relatives/ in-laws etc. I had decided to use the festival for it’s real meaning.
The winters in Delhi are extremely cold and are turning bitter with every passing year. This year, finally, I bought 14 blankets for the poor n needy. I’ll be distributing them, hopefully, today evening. Sharing the act here so that if it encourages even one of you to go ahead and do the same, then we would have brought a difference to 28 such people. Did you know, one such blanket, costs just Rs 165/-. I mean, imagine, it’s nothing to us. But, it means a lot to those needy ones. So, do get up, go ahead and do it.

4. Starting 2 January’2014, I finally begin my half-day half-pay workday. Yesterday was my first day at it. All of it was new. Leaving at 3.00 from office was a little awkward, but I’m sure, I’ll get used to it. Somehow, instead of taking the direct auto home, I decided to give Metro a try. I had to change one metro in between. But, I like the metro ride. Lot of people around you, and a lonely, peaceful, me time. The whole experience is somehow killed in an auto.
But, unfortunately, the whole thing takes 1 hour while it hardly takes me half an hour in the auto. I could have still accepted the half-hour overhead, but I have to take an auto again from Metro to home. that makes the whole thing futile. Will sincerely like some alternative that includes metro and excludes the autos.

5. Really unhappy with Anay’s play school. Bangalore was really nice in terms of kids schooling. NCR is not just overly priced but also wasteful. The quality of education is pathetic. I did find an alternative but the school is quite far and I’m not sure if it’s wise to send the child, so small, so far.

Wish you all and your families a very happy and a prosperous new year.



One thought on “And a new year brings in new beginnings

  1. It’s good you’ve decided to stand up for yourself instead of ignoring or avoiding! Unfortunately, most family members (male and female) recommend ignoring or avoiding.
    One suggestion: ensure you have the various Police Helpline numbers saved in your mobile, and your mobile battery (and talktime, if prepaid) is charged whenever you go out.

    Also good that you shared information about the distribution of blankets, especially the cost. As you rightly said, it means almost nothing to the giver, but it’s pretty substantial for the receiver.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

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