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Baby sitter day

Well, I am home by 4 nowadays. Previously, when I came Anay would be sleeping.  And he would sleep just half an hour before I reached and would sleep till 7. So, effectively wasting my paycut. Now, this week his cousin is visiting so he doesn’t sleep at all.  But now he doesn’t even care to glance at you. All busy in play.
Today, MIL had her monthly kitty. So, she has left me with both the kids. It’s only a matter of 2 hours. But I find myself in the middle of a battle. No, not the battle of the two kids (which I was pretty much expecting).  Rather a battle inside my head. Between the good-me n d bad-me.
Bad-me : ‘I’ve to put a stop to this immediately.  How could she even imagine leaving the kids to me?’
Good-me : ‘You’re not dying here, really. Anay slept. Adi is busy watching the video you so smartly started. Why create a fuss on a non-issue? ‘  
Bad-me :’ But still! Wat if she makes s routine of it? Darling, you’re falling into yhe house-wife trap already! N it’s only been 4 working days. Haa!’
Good-me: ‘You won’t die then either! Stop fussing!!’

Well, I’m standing on some very murky dangerous grounds. Honey! You better be home soon.


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