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Life these days

Dear Diary,

My half-time is going good. I like to leave by 3.00-3.30. I like the feel when I step out and the sun is still up. And, it’s an extra bonus that I’ve the surety that it is going to stay up for some more time. I like the lonely time I get in the auto. Now, the autowallahs recognize me and I don’t need to tell them where I have to go. They no more argue with me over the money, which used to piss me a lot before.

Reaching home, Anay used to be sleeping, before. But, now he stays up and waits for me anxiously. It’s great to hear his voice booming out of the door, before its actually opened. And, seeing his eyes beam at me when I come, is heart-warming. Now, he looks forward to my coming home. He waits with his story-book in hand, sometimes. On others, he would have some other request ready – ‘Mom, daal-painting.’, ‘Mamma, the red, then blue, the red, then blue game’ <referring to an app that I downloaded to teach him colors on my phone>. 😀 Even the orange-eating and watching TV is a ritual for him, that must be done everyday. And, is there a change in him? He wants to sleep in Mom-Dad’s room instead of Amma-Dadu. He still goes for his ‘Lakshman ki kahani’ from Dadu but once the story is over, he wants to sleep with us.

The extra time with MIL is definitely proving to be testing. Almost all the days, by the time the day ends, I’m anguished and feel like getting into a closet, far far away. But, that’s another story.
The time reduced at work is also showing. The energy and enthusiasm I used to feel previously, I don’t feel anymore. 5 hrs pass by in a fuzz. I’m mostly rushing through my work, trying to close things. So, there’s not much scope to experiment, or learn further. All the learning is pretty much through the work-at-hand.

I hope things settle and I reach the ever-elusive-peace. God, be merciful.


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