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The Growing up Mom

For a long time now, perhaps ever since I returned from Bangalore, I found myself feeling unhappy about Delhi-NCR region. The pollution, the people, the education, the status-symbol weighing-more-than the person’s knowledge, and what not. As I tried more and more to find the right school, the right education for my child, the more concerned, and more dissatisfied I became.

Why has this happened after my coming from Bangalore? Is it because I’m unhappy with my house and in-laws that I try to find follies in everything around here? Or, is there some genuine reason there, really? Well, I don’t know what’s the true truth, but there is one very valid reason. I got a very good teacher where my child was staying during the day, while I went off to work, in Bangalore. So, that has given me a comparison point. The lady, the children there, her experience, her way of handling children, who are of all ages and of all maturities. She was amazing. There’s no denying the fact that she had raised my expectations.

But, today, I realized that while I can crib as much as I want, but that won’t change the people here, or the circumstances here. And, the reality is, the REAL FACT is, that the values that get imbibed in my child will depend totally on me. It won’t depend on the school, or on the teacher, or on the area we live in. I can’t plan where I live whole my life. I may be living in the best of the localities in the world, may send him to the best of the schools,and it still may turn out that the class teacher the school hired, that very year, turned out pathetic.

The point here is, I cannot control the outside factors. I can only control what’s in my home, in my hand.

The teachers in Indirapuram have very bad grammar. The CBSE schools force the child to study and run for grades too much. The children, coming from various families, like to fight first and then make friends. Ohh, I so wish I could save my child from all that. But, that’s not what I can do. It’s never going to be perfect. What I can do, is the following
1. I’ll try and fix my child’s grammar and pronunciation at home. If need be, I’ll pin-point his school teacher for the wrong usage as well.
2. I can’t stop schools from giving more importance to grades, but I’ll definitely try to avoid putting the pressure on my son at home. A lot of it will depend on me, solely.
3. I can’t stop others from being bullies. I’ll try and teach Anay how to deal with them. And, hope God will be with him, all the time.

Just as ETL learning folks told me, your son/daughter spends very less a time in school and a lot of time at home. (calculated it in front of me). So, focus on his education at home. Give him the environment you find befitting. And, be a good example for him to live by.


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