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The ‘woman’

I have this desire. The desire to excel and achieve. To achieve something exemplary in life. To be ‘something’. Someone. Someone whose name rings a bell. You know, someone like who’s interviewed and published in Forbes Women of the year kinda list.

I know I know. I’m far from it. I know, I’m perhaps not even on the way to it. But, I know of how to be on the way to it. And, then, even if I don’t achieve it, I’ll be content to die trying.

I was reading a novel last night. It’s supposedly a romantic novel but I like the idealistic protagonists the author creates. Successful people, who have earned the position they hold in the society. They have made a mark for themselves in the society, on their own. They don’t always have the easiest of lives, or well-forged paths but as expected, it’s always a happy ending in the end. The novel was set in 1900s and the lady was studying medicine. Something that was not known or accepted at that time. So, breaking norms, breaking traditions and mind-sets to reach out and achieve what they really wanted to. They hurt feelings of loved-ones but always, their loved ones understand, and even approve in due course of time. There’s never a vehement disagreement.

So, novel-ish!! My Mom wasn’t wrong in calling me a romanticist. Living in a romantic (the literary ‘romantic’, not the common ‘romantic’) world that exists only in my head but is far from reality. 😛

Anyways. My life right now is full of activities and things-to-do that I do just due to responsibility. They are not somethings that I want to do or enjoy doing. If I want to do things I enjoy, I’ll have to do a lot of convincing, a lot of cajoling, a lot of explanations. And, in the end, it may just all be a futile attempt.

But, if I’m anything near to an achiever, then I should be putting that effort to make it happen. Rather than shying away from it or idling it all away. Maybe it’s time to plan and set it all up to achieve, than go by emotions and naivety. Set your eyes on it and achieve it. Don’t give it up till you’ve reached it. Whether it’s good or bad, it turns out to be useful or waste, let that be left to times-after. No questions, only attempts.


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