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The gurgling of the mind

Dear Diary,

Mind is aflutter. I’m not able to concentrate on my work. Nothing is wrong. No worries or problems which are causing me trouble. A regular day. But, something is irking somewhere. Don’t know what.

My passport arrived yesterday. I have to get Anay’s passport done now. Soon. Tarun is very busy with his work. I may have to go all alone with Anay to get it done. My parents always grew me up as an independent, handle-it-yourself, kind of a person. But, in the past 4 years, Tarun has been with me all-time, everywhere. While I liked the company, the support and the care, and I still like it, I know it’s crippling me somewhere. And all, unintentionally. It’s not that he does it purposefully or I don’t want me to be independent. But, it’s just happening, perhaps because we enjoy each other’s company. But now, I’ll have to do this to not lose it all. Before I lose my capability to handle things independently, I’ll have to do it. And this is my first task – to get Anay’s passport made.
Most of it should be smooth. Our documents are ready, because we went for his passport before also. Now, with my passport endorsed, I should be good to go and it should not take as long as it took mine. Keeping fingers crossed.

Once his passport arrives, we’ve to get our visas stamped. Then, the tickets, the itinerary planning, the funding. Too much work. Too much organization. Hope am able to do it. I should be able to do it. These are the kind of things I always dreamed of doing and thought I’ll be good at. Now, is the time to put thoughts to action. Let’s see how I perform.

Feeling good.


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