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Bhains Chalisa – Epic!!

महामूर्ख दरबार में, लगा अनोखा केस
फसा हुआ है मामला, अक्ल बङी या भैंस
अक्ल बङी या भैंस, दलीलें बहुत सी आयीं
महामूर्ख दरबार की अब,देखो सुनवाई
मंगल भवन अमंगल हारी- भैंस सदा ही अकल पे भारी
भैंस मेरी जब चर आये चारा- पाँच सेर हम दूध निकारा
कोई अकल ना यह कर पावे- चारा खा कर दूध बनावे
अक्ल घास जब चरने जाये- हार जाय नर अति दुख पाये
भैंस का चारा लालू खायो- निज घरवारि सी.एम. बनवायो
तुमहू भैंस का चारा खाओ- बीवी को सी.एम. बनवाओ
मोटी अकल मन्दमति होई- मोटी भैंस दूध अति होई
अकल इश्क़ कर कर के रोये- भैंस का कोई बाँयफ्रेन्ड ना होये
अकल तो ले मोबाइल घूमे- एस.एम.एस. पा पा के झूमे
भैंस मेरी डायरेक्ट पुकारे- कबहूँ मिस्ड काल ना मारे
भैंस कभी सिगरेट ना पीती- भैंस बिना दारू के जीती
भैंस कभी ना पान चबाये – ना ही इसको ड्रग्स सुहाये
शक्तिशालिनी शाकाहारी- भैंस हमारी कितनी प्यारी
अकलमन्द को कोई ना जाने- भैंस को सारा जग पहचाने
जाकी अकल मे गोबर होये- सो इन्सान पटक सर रोये
मंगल भवन अमंगल हारी- भैंस का गोबर अकल पे भारी
भैंस मरे तो बनते जूते- अकल मरे तो पङते जूते
अकल को कोई देख ना पावे- भैंस दरस साक्षात दिखावे
अकल पढाई करन से आवे- भैंस कभी स्कूल ना जावे
भैंस के डाक्टर मौज उङावैं- अकल के डाक्टर काम ना पावैं
अकलमन्द जग से डरै,भैंस मस्त पगुराय
भैंस चलाये सींग तो, अकलमन्द भग जाय
मंगल भवन अमंगल हारी- भैंस कभी ना बकती गारी
भैंस कभी अतंक ना करती- भैंस मेरी भगवान से डरती
तासौं भैंस सदा मुसकावै- अकल लङे ओर अति दुख पावै
अकल तो एटम बम्ब बनाये- झटके मे संसार उङाये
भैंस दूध दे हमको पाले- बिना दूध हों चाय के लाले
अकल विभाजन देश का कीन्ही- पाक बांग्लादेश ये दीन्ही
भैंस अभी तक फर्क ना जाने- एक रूप में सबको माने
हिन्दू मुस्लिम सिक्ख ईसाई- भैंस सभी को दूध पिलायी
भैंस न कोइ इलैक्शन चाहे- भैंस ना कोइ सेलेक्शन चाहे
इसकी नज़र मे एक हैं सारे- मोटे पतले गोरे कारे
भेदभाव नहिं भैंस को भाया- भैंस मे ही जनतन्त्र समाया
भैंस ना कोई करै हवाला- भैंस करै ना कोइ घोटाला
पासपोर्ट ना वीजा पाती- जब चाहे विदेश हो आती
फिर भी स्मगलिंग ना करती- भैंस मेरी कानून से डरती
ता सौं भैंस हमें है प्यारी- मंगल भवन अमंगल हारी
अकल बेअकल जो मरै, अन्त सवारी भैंस
भैंस बङी है अकल से, फईनल हो गया केस !!



I recently finished reading ‘Jaya’ by Devdutt Pattanaik.

Ever since I have been introduced to Mr. Pattanaik’s writings by a dear friend, I’ve been hooked to them. I don’t think that all of it that he writes is true and a fact. Of course, there are lot of things which are ‘his’ interpretations of the scriptures, of the facts. But, the thing I like is, that he has tried to gather the facts. And, he puts them down in a very simple, lay-man language way. He brings to fore, our daily life issues and puts them in perspective with the ancient scriptures.

I’ve never believed that the Hindu scriptures are mere epics, or myths. The Ramayana, The Mahabharata. I think there is enough evidence around us to prove that they did happen. Some of it, we may feel, is impossible to happen practically. But, then it was also impractical/impossible to speak to someone living 1000 miles away, till 50 years ago. Then, Man invented telephone and it’s no more impossible. So, I think it could very well be that we don’t have the understanding or knowledge of the technique, as of now, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen some day. Pushpak Vimaan, Arrows killing thousands in one go…think about it. They are no more impossible even today.

The epic has lots of stories, lot of characters, and lot many angles. Understanding, or even comprehending each one is a feat in its own way. The book picks each one, tells you the story, and then gives you a brief of the various sources and the various versions of the story that exist in our culture, in different parts of India. It highlights the points of importance. What to infer and what to observe in the story. Just like studying a case study. Understanding people of that times. Understanding their culture, their times and their circumstances. It makes you appreciate your ancestors, and realize your own potential in its own way.

The women of that time, which we’ve been commonly told as homely, and subservient, have been portrayed as the major players in the book. They are not just spectators to events, neither they are objects used for gaining more political power. It’s explained how these women brought about the major decisions which turned the course of history. e.g Bhishma’s father’s second wife, Guru Vyasa’s mother Satyavati.

The book has a lot to offer. And, I’m sure reading it again will bring something new to me. There are things which I don’t accept in the book, but then no one person can offer the complete truth. So, the quest would always continue till you find your own. But, till then, a good read, and a nice perspective.


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The thing with Dreams

My List of 30

1. Do/Get enrolled for Masters
2. Go touring to some historical or culturally rich place with Mom
3. Start learning some dance form.
4. Create a pipeline.
5. Go for a foreign trip
6. Go for a week’s trip alone.
7. Try a cigarette.
8. Practice the Geeta regularly.
9. Give 1% to charity.
10. Khamadkhaamna
11. Reduce weight. Add fitness to my daily routine.
12. No junk for a month.
13. A road trip in India
14. Get rid of my dog fear
15. Go to US for some time with T and A
16. Get my space.

Well, if you look at my list of 30, rather, when ‘I’ look at my list of 30, some of it are things that my mind wants to do and that’s why they are in the list. And, some of it is what my heart wants to do and that’s what’s in the list. For the sake of this post, let’s call those things ‘dreams’. Coz that’s what dreams are to me – things you have no clue how to achieve but you still want to have them. While I’m continuously striving to achieve those things that my mind wants to do, the matters of heart are left to destiny. And, as luck would have it, they are moving at a fair pace themselves 🙂

But, what I’ve noticed about them is, that as I reach nearer to the goal, to the dream, it loses its importance to me. I lose the zeal for them or it loses its meaning to me. Lemme explain with an example.

I think I mentioned about it sometime before also. ‘Do/Get enrolled for Masters.’ My company has a provision where I can pursue my Masters from IIT-D (given that they ‘accept’ my resume and all sorts of further hassles. Let’s forget those – for the moment.). The point is ‘there is a way’ by which I can get that program. It fulfills my requirement of pursuing a Masters from a renowned, top-of-the-league institute. (FYI, I didn’t pursue an MBA when I had the chance of pursuing it from B+ grade colleges. I had attended a B+ grade college for graduation and I now valued an A grade college, far more. ). I loved attending the classes there. It’ll be lot of work but I would do it.

But, you know, as soon as I found out that there is some way this can be achieved, the wish flew out of my heart. You know, like the moment you realize you’re no more in love. The moment when the light goes off from on. Now, I’m no more sure that I would do it or not. Whether it’s worth it or not.

Same thing happened with my ‘Get my space’ thing. For as long as I remember, I’ve been crying, and pining, and fighting, and howling on getting my own space in my house. I live in a joint family. And, coming from a core-nuclear family, it was difficult for me to accept. And, it was unnatural to me. As much as I tried, as much as I hated, I was always a wreck whenever I had relatives coming over to stay. And, I wrecked the others too, because ultimately, they cared for me. So, it was kind of a loop. Now, after years of trying, Tarun finally decided that we’ll get the separate thing. Not exactly, separating from them, but maybe two floors or some arrangement, which makes things together yet comfortable for all. You won’t believe but the day he said it, and I knew that he meant it, and I saw him making arrangements for it, it improved for me. I had a visitor coming after that episode and my behavior and my self was totally different. I never knew I could be this comfortable. I never expected it could happen. It’s not like I was taking things easy now, which used to trouble me before, because I knew it’s temporary issue. I just didn’t feel any trouble!

This thing makes me wonder, are the dreams really dreams? Or just our own ego or mindset playing games with us. They seem to be a kind of trick, being played by God, to teach us something. Or, to just plain tease us.

Which dreams are ‘real’ real dreams? The dreams movies are made on… the dreams you work hard to achieve and you ultimately feel great satisfaction and pleasure when you actually achieve them?

And which are actually goals worth pursuing? Does it only happen to me or it happens to you as well? Is it actually that I’m a coward and give up too easy, because the hardest comes at the end, and I give up then?

I don’t know.