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The Diary entries

Dear Diary,

How have you been? I’ve been, well, busy. Anay has not been keeping well. Cold, cough and a slight bit of fever, which keeps him out of school, but never in bed 🙂 It’s fun to watch that kid and difficult to believe, at times, that he’s actually – mine. 🙂

Tarun leaves for his US travel this weekend. It’s good that we had our own travel plans to keep us busy, else I would have been a wreck. We have never stayed away for so long, ever since our wedding. Even my visits to home were never more than 3-4 days (only once/twice, that long). I may whine about how hard marriage is, but my husband is my best company. And perhaps the best thing that happened. So, yes, it’s a tough time. He’s all excited about his trip, so he’s only looking forward to it. I’m the one staying back. It’ll be the first time I’ll be home and he won’t be…for this long. I wonder how things will go b/w me and the in-laws. Not that they bite..but, still. You see. I may. I’m not so sure of myself. And, I don’t react very well under emotional pressure.

But I’ve a nice silver lining I can see at the end of the week. And, as unbelievable as it may sound, we’re actually going to Europe for a week. And, it’s a complete vacations! Yippee! I never thought ‘My list of 30’ could be as effective as it is turning out to be. It seems to me that it becomes your personal letter to Mr. God and he keeps it as a Post-It on his computer, or something. So, he never forgets. And, things keep pouring in. 🙂 🙂 Couldn’t have asked for more 😛

I just hope that Anay gets fine by then and we are able to enjoy the vacation as much as we sweat in the process of preparing for it. It’s been a tiring and veryyyyyy long task. There is so much planning, so much documentation, so much preparation involved. Actual preparation. Not just thinking and getting riled up without reason. But, all for good. A lot of things I learned. I’m happy to think that Anay will get to observe such varied cultures and people at such young age. Reading people’s reviews on Italy, I have heard so many horrifying episodes (pick-pocketing is apparently quite common there), that I’m more concerned about coming back safe n sound, than visiting.


6 thoughts on “The Diary entries

  1. Wao…Great… Italy is indeed a lovely place to be….. Yes you might have learnt that these places do have their own problems (they say Rome is just like New Delhi as far as traffic, crime and corruption is concerned 🙂 ) but believe me they are still more tourist friendly than India 🙂 ..The only thing is be little cautious at crowded places and try to avoid secluded or deserted place at night, rest don’t worry at all and enjoy to the fullest with your family 🙂

    Will wait to read your blogs and experiences on the same 🙂

    Enjoy 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thanks! Have you visited Italy before? I’m surely looking forward to the trip, not delving too much on the jitters and the butterflies in my stomach 🙂

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