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Something about friends

Remember, I spoke about how friendship also seems to be a feeling like love, which is more about your own feelings than the other person involved.? Well, I found something else today. No matter how much time passes, if what you shared was true friendship, it never fades. The person you’ve been close friends with, you can share your thoughts and feelings with them, no matter how long it has been since you last spoke. In times, when I wish there was someone I could just openly and plainly talk to, co-incidentally some old friend calls up, or pings. And, I will pour my heart out without worrying about feedbacks. I know they are good people at heart and whatever I share, will stay with them. They know me and I know them. The times may have changed, they may have changed, I have changed a lot too, but the basic foundations of friendship like trust and faith, stay the same.

Friendship never dies. It just fades away and if you shared an honest friendship with someone, you can always pick it back.


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