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Life these days

Dear Diary,

Got some time free from work, so thought of posting something. Nothing special. Just random mumblings. Voted yesterday. And, I am ashamed of accepting that this was my second time voting in my life, since I turned 18. But, I would definitely make sure to do it every time henceforth. But, I’m happy to have voted after looking at the members contesting the elections from my constituency, knowing who’s representing the party here, rather than lamely voting for a symbol. Satyamev Jayate’s episode, which I watched more because my Dad was so excited to see it, really changed me that way. It’s not that we don’t know of those things but we’re used to keeping our eyes closed.

There are so many traditions which need to be broken. Myths put into our minds like values. Like ‘Vote for the same party that your in-laws/husband does.’ ‘Everyone is corrupt and just your vote will not change anything.’
Not just voting, there are so many more of such myths.

‘House-hold work keeps you fit, so you should not hire too many maids and try and work yourself.’
Can someone, fit in their logical mind tell me that this is really true. What I have actually seen in my entire life is that managing house is a big task and it normally is very stressful. Add to the fact that you’re working, return home by 7.00 pm, I can’t think of how that 1 hour of house-hold work helps. I think it’s extremely stressful and tiresome. If I look at all the ladies of the generation prior to me, I don’t think they have been extremely healthy. And, it’s not just multiple pregnancies which have charred their bodies, but the stress which has made them emotionally and mentally weak. If a person continues to work for 14-18 hours a day, without getting any positive feedback or reward of any kind, how long can the person continue to do that without feeling pitiful.
I have become against this malpractice of human atrocities against women-folk. It’s a choice which only and only the women-specific should make and be free to exercise the option of refusing to do.

Anyways, doing lot of perl these days at work. It’s something that has been on my CV and yet it has never been in my skill-set really. You know how it is…something you’ve worked on in tid-bits but never got the opportunity to master. I’m happy to get this time and the exposure to it. It’s fun scripting. My M.Tech program may not happen this year. The chances are high. I spoke about it to my manager and based on the criteria they come up with, it seems they will be giving preference to RnD folks than PV. So, let’s see how it goes. But, no hard feelings there because of that. I knew it was a tough chance to get it this year, but it was nice to see a dream come an inch closer to you.

Take care. God bless.


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