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Random thoughts

To be able to achieve Moksha, one needs to have a long life

Because whatever knowledge you learn, stays with you only in this life.

The soul grows and learns but only the most deeply assimilated thoughts stay with you in the next life. A lot of it goes wasted too.

Now, to live a long life, having discipline becomes important

Because without a healthy body, you cannot continue to have a long life. Illness will take over.

Which implies exercise/yoga/meditation are a must-have in your daily life.

But, one question – Why do we want to achieve Moksha. If all that’s in this world and outside the world is part of the eternal energy, the eternal soul, then whether my soul exists in a body (which keeps changing forms with each birth) or outside it, it doesn’t matter. I’m still a part of that eternal one. Now. And, always. So, what’s the significance of this life? What is it that God wants the humans to do when they get this life?

If I believe that God exists in each and every particle that I see around me. In the particle, and outside the particle. Then, it means, God exists in the non-living part of it too. So, a chair, a table, everything has a bit of Him in it (Science also says that each bit of this has energy trapped.) Then, perhaps when someone achieves Moksha, the soul/energy becomes a part of the non-living. Because once you become non-living, only then do your miseries come to an end. As long as you live, in whichever form it maybe, you’ll undergo change. And, any change, in any form, brings pain.


One thought on “Random thoughts

  1. मोक्ष !! its not a destination which will free us from all miseries, instead its the understanding of the eternal truth while we are in miseries. One who fulfills his responsibilities is also eligible for Moksha. It is not in detachment but its in detached involvement. Bhagwan (read as Bha-g-w-a-n : Bhoomi-Gagan-Wayu-Agni-Neer) the five elements is our mother nature only, from where we originated and where we will end up being. God has created us to be a part of this life and feel it, i think following the path of babas who renounce their relations is not a way to moksha, but to live up to the expectations of god is!!

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