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What can she do?

My Mother is a 47 yr old teacher, working in govt schools, teaching since the age of 19. She has an M.A in English Literature and has a good command of the language, both spoken and written. She has attended various trainings given to teachers by the school, and then used it to organize workshops in her school. She attended CCRT training, British Council’s training. She has even given trainings to teachers further on the latest teaching aids through British Council, a program they conducted in affiliation with the government. She is very good in expressing her creativity through various art forms, having attended the craft workshops by local artisans in her school. She makes amazing worli art, the proof of which hangs proudly in my home, at various places.

Now, her health doesn’t allow her the strict regime the school commands. She’s managing her school responsibilities well but there are times when it totally breaks her body, and it gets difficult for her to reach back home. She wakes up at 4.30 am to be able to head for school that starts at 7.00 AM. With Diabetes and BP issues, it is time for her to give priority to herself than a schedule she cannot miss.

I want her to either quit her job, take VRS, or do something that is not so taxing on herself. She has been a working woman all her life so life without a job is something she cannot fathom. Plus, she feels a govt job is not easy to get any more. I think she’s multi-talented and it should be possible to find something else for her.

What is it that she can do now? Is there any site that I can visit and find out about the various job options the govt offers. Is there any person I can contact who can guide me in the right direction?

Any help in this regard is much much appreciated.


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