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Dear Diary,

How are you? It’s been quite some time since I wrote to you. Life’s been going on. Didn’t have much to talk, didn’t feel like writing. Got my second wisdom tooth removed yesterday. It was hurting that I decided to get it out mid-week, rather than waiting for weekend. And, the result was a missed-dinner and a terrible, aching-morning. I don’t know if it’s the medicines which are making me drowsy or the pain, but I’m feeling extremely sleepy. I’m not really able to work.

So, as a result, I’m just whiling my time away. Working on the most rote work, not involving much of mind, applying it only if compulsory. FB doesn’t have much to offer either. Read couple of blogs. Then, re-started my Twitter account. I feel that rather than spending time on FB, where ppl have learnt to put up a careful, made-up facade, it’s better to be on Twitter. I mean, rather than being in touch with people on FB just because you know/knew them doesn’t mean that what you know about them now, through FB, is real. FB has become a parameter in our minds. When we click, when we post, when we think, even when offline, we think wid FB sharing as an aspect. People click selfies so that they can upload a new profile pic. People create scenes so that they can put it for a good laugh on FB. People humiliate people on FB, so that all the group can get together and ridicule/humiliate the person targetted.

Twitter, on the contrary, gives you an option. It gives you an option of not following the known people at all. And follow those, who really inspire you. And even the famous people, the celebs, the thinkers, the successful or the unsuccessful, share their most regular thoughts on Twitter. Yes, some may argue that I have this view-point for it because I’ve not used it yet. Once I get used to using it, perhaps my mind will get accustomed to think in Twitter’s perspective. And, it is possible that the people already addicted to Twitter, are already sharing consciously.

Well, I don’t want to know the secretive part of their lives anyways. I want to read and follow them for their thoughts on the subjects they are master of. e.g. Ramchandra Guha for his thoughts on the socio-political scenario of our country. I’m interested in knowing what he thinks of the day-to-day activities around him. And, there are numerous others like that.

I want to be put in touch with good articles on meaningful subjects. And spend my time reading those which further inspire me to move towards a better tomorrow.

Well, that’s about it. If I can, I’ll perhaps quit FB altogether.
Another thought that came to my mind: People come into your lives for a reason. They play their parts and then fade away. FB has brought back so many ppl in my lives, who have outlived their part and should be just part of memories. Re-mingling with them is, in a way, detrimental to growth.
I don’t know if that thought process is right or not, because I don’t have a concrete analogy/reasoning for it, but I do think that it is true.

Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “June06’2014

  1. I did experiment on FB and found it quite fascinating in the beginning as many friends who were forgotten revived the connection. Bu after a month or so I found nothing new of value coming up and so I quit. But my LinkedIn has much to offer 🙂

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