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My fumbling – tumbling tod!

Dear Diary,

It’s amazing to see a child grow. Each one of them is unique and must have something new to offer. I can only see my own so closely. Also, with the fact that Anay was the first child in my complete life, whom I had ever been in such close contact with during these formative years, it’s even more fascinating. Otherwise, I’ve seen most people having had their brother/sister/cousin/someone’s child grow up in front or around them, before they actually had their own.

I want to capture the small episodes that show how children get their way. It’s not a case-study but more of how Anay gets his way.

So, he is not a very physically active/extremely naughty kind of a child. He would rather talk and get his way, than fight or cry or run or break things. If crying gets him his way, surely he would take it. But, otherwise, it’s just a means to the end goal, a tool in his kitty. 🙂 So, please read on.

Episode 1:
Anay kicking the dirt in the park.
Daadu: Anay, don’t do that. You’re causing the dirt to fly all around.
Anay: Jab aap chhote the, aap bhi to karte the!
(When you were small, you also used to do the same, right?)
Daadu: <Stunned Silence>

Episode 2:
Anay: If I do bad things or become a bad child, then will you leave me?
Daadu: <Astonished because no one ever tells him anything like that about leaving> No.
Anay’s Mom: No, if you do bad things or become a bad child, then you’ll be beaten up. Got it!?(Smiles).

<We usually have a policy of no beating the child. So, that is something he knows doesn’t happen. So, he’s a bit scared.>

<Anay thinking> <Pause>

Anay: But Mom, the other day when Adi (Anay’s older cousin who’s extremely naughty) was doing bad thing, you said we are not supposed to hit/fight with the bad child. We’re just supposed to not to talk to him.

Mom: <Stunned Silence>

Episode 3:
Mom takes Anay out to the park daily and makes him play catch-the-other. She wants him to get more physically active. So, Mom runs and Anay tries to catch, and vice versa. Usually, he’s unable to run that fast and gets tired, and Mom gives in to let the play end in happiness than hurt.
This happens 2 days.

Day 3:
Mom: Anay, lets play run-n-catch.
Anay: No Mom. Let’s play something different. I’m bored of that game.
Mom: Okay. Let’s play something else. What do you want to play?
Anay: We’ll play tortoise-tortoise.
Mom: What’s that? <Maybe it’ some new game the teacher has introduced at school>
Anay: In that, we’ll both run like a tortoise and whoever is the slowest, wins.
Mom: <Stunned>

Episode 4:
We had some guests come over for lunch one day. One of them is Anay’s Chachu. Since the guy is young n still a kid, so he doesn’t believe in letting the child win, or anything. So… he starts playing football with Anay, where of course, Anay is unable to take the ball from him.
This laughing at Anay goes on for some 2-3 minutes. The kids (adult kids) are definitely enjoying the show but Anay is not.
<After a brief pause>
Anay: Chachu, lets play another game. We’ll not be kicking the ball. We’ll have to throw the ball in the air and the other will catch.

Now, all the occasions show that Anay knows what his forte is, how to win in case of conflict of interests. He knows how to twist the rules to get his way. It’s funny, and its amazing to realize that it all comes to the child at a tender age of 3. Or, maybe earlier. These are the ones I remember from recent past but am sure there must be more if I looked deeper.
My kiddo’s forte is definitely "speaking", that I’m sure now 🙂

Thanks God for the beautiful memories and the time with Anay.



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