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Inching towards 30

Dear Diary,

As my life inches nearer to my 30, I reflect behind. I read somewhere that 20s is the time when you think everything is achievable, everything is within my reach, I am pretty much invincible. And, as you go to 30s, your targets become more realistic, your life becomes more practical and you realize your boundaries. I don’t know about the other folks on the boundary line, but I know that I’ve seen this transition happening to me, in this past 1 year. I have drastically moved from the ambitious, dreamy girl to the realistic, rooted woman. It doesn’t mean I’ve given up. Rather, I find myself more confident about a few things in life, than I ever was. I am sure on what I want, and on what I won’t care for anymore.

But, it has also brought along a lot of reflections. Reflecting the life so far. On events that happened. On decisions made, On paths chosen and paths left. I often wonder how my life would have been if I had taken that option my dad offered, of dropping one more year and re-appearing for IIT-JEE. Would I have cracked it? Could I? I think I’m pretty sure, no! But, then there are a few where I’m not so sure. What if I had chosen not to go for that onsite opportunity to USA and actually continued in India and continued my preparation for MBA? I had the call from SP Jain. If I were here, I would have prepared hard for it. Would have given my heart and soul to it. I know I hadn’t been able to do that in the US and I lost it. It was a turning point in my life.

What if I had not stayed in hostel and attended my college from home? Would that have avoided my falling in love? What if I had not fallen? Would I have been extremely successful in my career and have been at a different place? My Mom definitely believes that. I? I don’t know.

Would I have grown the maturity and strength that I have today, if life hadn’t happened the way it had? The brooding really becomes tense and over-powering as we inch towards 30.

Well, I think life has a set of lessons it has decided to give you through your time here. You may chose various paths. You may pick the way you get the lesson, but it’ll be imparted to you, some way or the other. So, rather than worrying about the losses, the petty materialistic losses, it is important to look back and enjoy how God had fun painting your story. Appreciate the beauty of it all.



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