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The school misery continues

Dear Diary,

The forms for admissions have already started to come in. You feel sick to see the business it all is. The schools in Noida start the process in August for the session to begin in July next year. Can you guess why? People who clear up their lists, have to fill in the fee early to block the seat. The schools which have the admissions later, which are usually the traditional, well-established schools, do it a little later. And, then parents are forced to take a choice. If they can afford it, they forfeit the amount submitted for the admission, or they are left with no choice but to send their ward to this school, when the child could actually be better placed in some better school.
I was baffled to hear the admission form’s fee. The first school to take out its form is DPS Indirapuram. Can you think of the fee? My usual expectation was somewhere exorbitant – Rs 1000-1500. The actual fees is Rs 3000/- That’s showing the school is pricey, right from the word ‘Go’.

And, it is disheartening to see myself being led into all this just because it’s the norm. As I try to teach Anay shapes, which he’s still not comfortable with, I see how wasteful all this pushing is. He was not comfortable in identifying colors previously. With time, he learnt it. Of course, there was some effort involved, but no pushing whatsoever. Now, as the time for interviews is approaching, I don’t have the luxury of finding out some new technique or app or something to explain the difference between a square and a rectangle. He particularly has an issue in identifying a triangle. So, I can see myself pushing him to it. Trying to repeat it every day so that he remembers. Isn’t that rote-learning? And, why? Just because I know it is crucial for interviews. Is that pushing required? If he doesn’t learn in a week, he will learn in a month. Maybe 3 months! Big deal? But, I can see myself panicking there. I know I have to make him learn. I know I’ll push. I am, already.

The school has not even started and I can already sense myself joining the rat race. Once the schools begin, and I see his peers, his peers’parents doing all sort of things to make their child excel, would I be able to control the urge to push? I really want to give my son some free time of exploration and idle-ness before putting him into the grill. I think the kids who had a free childhood perform better in the later race they face in career, than those who have worked hard throughout.

At the end of it all, I see how important it is to have faith in the education system. We have ridiculed and found flaws in our education system so often, and repeatedly, that today, as a parent, it is difficult to follow it. I’m spending a fortune in getting my child ‘this’ education and I will be working hard to NOT let him fall into it too much. How can that work? If this is the way it is going to be, I should let it all happen, have faith in it, and work with the flow, to carve out the best in my child. I HAVE to believe in the education system and use it to aid my child’s growth. But believing in something that you’ve actually found flaws in, is a difficult feat. This is the major reason I never used to ridicule my teachers in my student life. When you ridicule, you can never learn or accept from that person. You have to keep him/her above you to let him teach you.
To let the education system help me, I have to let it be above me. Is it something I should do? Is there an alternative that I have?
I don’t know.


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