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Testing Times

Well, when the world starts going topsy-turvy, it does become a roller-coaster. Tarun is travelling to US for 2 weeks, and it is admission time for Anay. I knew that since 2 weeks so I was mentally prepared that it would be a challenge time. What I wasn’t prepared was that my health will also go for a toss, at the same time.

As fate would have it, I was diagnosed with a cartilege-rupture in my knee, right on the day Tarun was scheduled to flight. Add to it, some tests that show increasing numbers, further showcasing my unhealthy lifestyle. It was a day that God clearly sent me the message – Buckle up or you’re getting old. Soon.

So, here I am. Trying to mend my ways. A Tea/coffee -addict, gone sober for 4 days, so far. I really had doubts whether I would be able to do that, but the harshness of reality has put things straight for me.

Well, enough of the sorrow-story. Then, there’s the school admission. So, all these schools have found a new way of making money. All the major schools (most of them), have a second branch opening up in Gr. Noida, expressway area. And, these are not just another branch. They are ‘International’. So, while we have DPS Noida, we have DPS International, Gr. Noida. We had Amity International School, Noida. Now, we have ‘Amity Global School’, Gr. Noida. And, the list goes on for Somerville, Sriram etc.
Now, I’m in a fix. Do I want to put my child in the ‘Noida’ or the ‘Gr.Noida’. Since I’m open to the area where he goes, I’m concerned about what are the differences. And the sites don’t highlight the difference much. Many of them are offering IB curriculum. They have the ‘British Council International School Award’ posted on their sites. But, that is on most schools these days. Another hogwash. There’s ‘Cambridge Accreditation’, ‘British Council’, and what not. I wonder what the naive parents can do to stand up against all that. What am I supposed to understand from it, or make of any of it. Was I supposed to know already of what these accreditation mean, or which one is better and tougher to get? I did know of IB (in my defense) and I thought I was a progressive, keeping abreast with the latest trends – parent. Bah! What did I know!

I really wish I could have visited these schools, taken a look at the students and the culture in these schools. Do they just mean ‘pricey-kids-are-sent-here’ or do they really create some open-minded-kids.

Okay. I think I have understood. I’ll not go for any of this hogwash. I just want concept-based education, and environment/surrounding based learning for my child. At least in the formative years. Not much emphasis on the homework or rote-learning. So, I’ll go for the original choice. So far the list is Lotus Valley, Mayoor, and Sriram Millenium (latest addition). I’ll fill up forms for the regular names, but just to make sure he gets a seat somewhere, if my top-choices are not available.

Clarity and Peace. Writing always helps me.



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