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Getting old

When does a person gets old? At 60? At 80? How do you define ‘old’?

For me, you grow old when you start showing the symptoms of old age – mental or physical. Mental symptoms like cynicism, forgetfulness, etc. Physical symptoms like body aches, arthritis, stooping backs, white hair etc.

No matter what image or parameter you conjure for deciding when you call a person old, you’ll recall someone so-called young
you’ve seen with the same symptom.


I assumed knee problems happen only when you’re old. Very old. I’ve been diagnosed with a Grade 3 tear in my left knee. Most probably I tore my knee muscle during some of my dance session a yr n a half ago n because I neglected the pain that appeared occasionally, I’ve now reached the point where I’ve no alternative but to go under the needle. Get the torn flesh-piece out so that the body is able to regenerate the flesh. And unless I do that I may not be able to bend my knee completely. Ever.

Ladies and Gentlemen! I’ve grown old even before I turn 30.


3 thoughts on “Getting old

  1. In my opinion, you are overreacting.
    You’ve suffered an injury that has to be cured by surgery, probably followed by physiotherapy. It will take time, effort and money, but it can be cured. Most importantly, you must be optimistic.

    1. Hmmm. Perhaps. A surgery is taken as such a big thing in my household that it seemed like the world’s crashed. it shudn’t b that bad. isn’t it?

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