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Dear Diary,

There are too many posts waiting to be written, wandering in my head, banging it again and again to be allowed exit to the web. But, hey wait! I have been too tied up. Work, Health, Anay’s admissions, Tarun not here, it couldn’t have got more messy. So, let me start on the mess before it gets dirtier.

Update 1: Work
I hope I don’t jinx it by saying that it is going awesome. I am loving every minute of it, and it’s keeping me super-busy. I can’t admit it to Tarun but thankfully I can admit it here – I miss my time away from work and work-place.

Update 2: Health
The knee thingy has been confirmed as a must-have-arthroscopy. But, the good thing is it’s a minor surgery which is better to have been diagnosed early rather than late, as it means it’ll not be able to do any further damage to my knee. Also, I’ll have to do some exercises as a must-do, which will get it into my thick head that ‘exercise karni hi hoti hai. Koi chaara nahi hai’. I am so damn lazy! Seriously, I surprise myself too.

Update 3: Anay’s admissions
I have two of them lined up from tomorrow onwards. One of them is at the top of my list. The second one is on the top of everyone’s list. Tarun is trying to revise the answers which he’ll give in the interview. Hahahaha! Me? I am a natural.

Again, lazying it away than preparing. :-/ But, I have written the same answers so many time while writing the admission forms that I’m tired of thinking about them again. I have no clue whether they are right or wrong. I didn’t get any feedback, for God’s sake!
I know that my son has all the right ingredients and he’s not the over-the-top-naughty so he should be good for any school picking him. I hope he’s picked by the ones I like.
And, I sincerely hope none of the teacher ridicules him. Ever. This is perhaps one of my biggest fears because this is one thing that really kills a child’s confidence – a teacher telling him that he’s not good enough for the task, and he should not try it ever. I have heard of so many people not going to stage ever because some teacher laughed him away. I swear to God that one teacher does that to Anay and she’ll have the worst nightmare of her life. She’ll quit teaching once I’m done with him/her.
Phew! Whatever! Be Positive.

You know, this is such a beautiful and special moment for a parent. It is no doubt difficult a time, deciding on the school and with all the running around, but it is the first time we actually sit down and take a ‘decision’ for the child. A decision that will have a crucial impact on his life. I know it is not the most important thing in the child’s life but it is definitely a very important one. When I look back at my school life, it really made me what I am today. Not because of the education, but because of everything else that came with it. The attention, the exposure, the stage that I ended up loving, the dancing, the talking, making friends, competition and defeat. So much of our life happens there that it becomes the first stepping stone. And, now, I am deciding which school becomes the stepping stone for Anay. And, that is a very important moment in my life, as a mother. I have done all the research, the talking, the learning and I’ve picked this school consciously. I hope it picks him too but I know if God doesn’t give me that, it would be for the best, for me and for my child.

Be with me!



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