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Two new additions to my list of 30

Dear Diary,

When I first created the list, I had never believed that it would make any difference to me or my life, or it’ll ever get fulfilled. But that feeling is history. Not just history, it makes me feel a lot happier about my life when I see that things I ‘just wished’ are actually getting completed in my life time. And, not in very long a time. We often lose that perspective.

I added two new things to my list, which was at 16 so far. Now, it grows to 18.

17. Travel to Kolkata during Durga Puja.

I so wish to visit the city at the time when the festival is being celebrated. I’ve always loved the festivities, the lights, the decorations, the bazaars, the pretty Indian things which hog the market at the time of Diwali. I want to see the city which is so popular for it. Last year, someone had shared this link of a Pandal put up in Kolkata.

It pretty much makes your jaw drop. I went to a great deal to retrieve this link. It was what strengthened my wish to ‘MUST-go’ from ‘wish-to-go’.

18. Become a bike-rider
I didn’t say ‘I want to ride a bike’. Because that would be a one-time affair. And, I’ve already done that. But, I want to become a bike rider. A bike is so male-ish. So much a man’s territory. Of course, lots and lots of girls are doing it now but that just makes it alpha-female to me. It’s a pure-envy wish but I would love to prove, to myself, that I’m everything a man can be.

I was once travelling as a pillion on a bike with a friend. He bent low so the strong wind could come directly to my face. I always loved wind coming and hitting right on the face. The simple pleasures of life, like taking your head out the window when it rains, driving with the car/bus-windows open with the wind gushing to your face. I loved all that. Somewhere those got lost. I tell myself, it’s the Delhi heat to blame. But, I hope to differ. I miss the moment, when I look back at the past life. It was the symbol of freedom and love and pleasure and bliss, all combined. I wish to re-live. Re-emphasize the connection with Mother Nature.




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