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The weekend and the interview – Part 2

(continued from ‘The weekend and the interview’)

Now, we were happy and perplexed in equal measures. We had decided on Lotus Valley school for our child. Once he had got selected there (which was more of a formality there as the admission process only goes on for 2 minutes. Yes! No kidding!) we had filled his fees and were settled at that. We had stopped filling more forms. We were not attending any interview. DPSN was the bait. The exact bait that would get us moving our lazy asses off the chair. So, we went. And, we cleared. All thanks to the awesome performance by the kiddo.

Now, the dilemma began. The fees had to be deposited in two days, as is the usual case. We had hardly thought about DPSN because no one ever got admission to it without giving a hefty donation. That’s what we had always thought. And since I had decided that I would not start my child’s education with a donation, I never considered it. All the people we talked to, were shocked that we had cleared it. People said that only 25-30% of the candidates are selected, rest all the seats are sold. I talked to the teachers in the family. None had heard of Lotus Valley and everyone was raving about DPSN. My research of schools had given me some clear idea that I wanted concept based learning, rather than the traditional rote-learning. And, that I wanted a smaller batch size in the school. I didn’t want to put him in the class with a batch size of 45+. DPSN was not matching up to any one of the criteria, and yet here I was being pulled towards it. How can you turn away from an achievement? How do you give up that you worked quite hard to achieve?

Wednesday was the day when I had to fill the fess. Tuesday, I went ahead and got the draft made in favor of DPSN. And, then I went to work. Talking to more people. My Manager has one of his kid going to DPSN and the other going to LVIS. His reason for choosing LVIS was because his daughter was not meeting the age requirement of DPSN and he wanted her to start school that year. But, he was the perfect guy who could give me a clear answer on which one is better. But, as it always is, it is never that simple. So, he gave me the pros and cons in both schools. The discipline, the academics, the culture, the brand name, the teachers, the methods employed for teaching, the children, the AC culture. Everything. Till the time I was talking to him and another colleague whose only-daughter was also studying in LVIS, I had decided it is going to be LVIS. But, my mind was wavering again by the time I reached home. My Mom was extremely interested in DPSN. She being a teacher, having always heard of DPSN, and the fact that Anay had cracked it himself, she really wanted me to go for it. She had no idea about LVIS and that was enough reason for not going for it. But, I couldn’t leave it at that, could I? So, at 9:30 PM, Tuesday, I and Tarun sat down, looking at each other. Blank Faces. Now What!? His friends telling him DPSN, my Mom telling us DPSN, the cousin telling us DPSN, the colleagues saying LVIS. All completely vouching for their individual choice.

So, we decided we need to write it down. And, we wrote the things we wanted in the school for Anay. Right from the important ones, to unimportant ones. We had listed down around 7-8 parameters. We gave a +/- to DPSN and LVIS whichever fared better than the other in the area. Let’s see which one wins? And guess what, both turn out to be equal! Phew!
Okay, Round 2. We decided to give extra points to those where the difference is too huge, and the priority is much higher. So, we gave a ++. Count again. Impossible, equal again!!
Round 3! Strike off what we can live without. Now what? DPSN wins!

Ummmm, are you sure?
Let’s strike some more. No cheating, okay!? Okay.

Which one wins?
DPS-N again.

Hmmmm, but we always wanted this, that. Anay will never be able to cope up. He’ll lose the interest of going to school if he’s sent to that dirty school. He’ll become so haughty just like the other kids we have seen from the school!

And, that’s how we opted for Lotus Valley and gave up DPS-N.
Hands Down!!


2 thoughts on “The weekend and the interview – Part 2

  1. As parents, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you had a choice between two schools, and you decided on one based on your own evaluation of what’s best for your kid. That’s all that matters. Congratulations once again! Best wishes to Anay!!

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