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The weekend and the interview

Dear Diary,

It was a nice weekend. Actually, an eventful weekend, I should say.

On Friday, the movie Khoobsurat released. I really liked the acting of this new actor, Fawad Khan and wanted to catch it first day. I knew that being an Anil Kapoor production, with Sonam Kapoor acting in it, he may be underplayed. The movie may also be a little over-tilting towards stupidity, just as Aisha was. I remembered how wasted Abhay Deol was in the movie, despite being a decent actor. The movie pretty much destroyed the image and respect he had garnered in all those years. Anyways, as for Khoobsurat, despite all the attempts of sabotage by Sonam Kapoor, she couldn’t steal Fawad’s glory. He fills life into each frame that he is. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie, for the pure reason that I totally ignored Sonam Kapoor, and completely focused on Fawad. It was a long time since we had gone for a movie with the family and MIL was pining for it, so this one worked great for that too. Overall, a time well spent.

On Saturday, Anay had his DPS-Noida interview. We were supposed to be there at 9.00 so we stared from home pretty early. It was a great experience. It was the first time the sonny took on the complete show on his little shoulders, and we were merely supporters. Not because it was his interview happening, but because he outdid ‘us’. Let me explain.
When we reached there, we didn’t have the photocopy for the address proof. We had just carried our original. This was quite unusual of us. We are never that careless, in regular practice. But because I had used up the time in watching a movie last night, so I had lost the time to get a photo copy done. It was also because we weren’t completely sure whether we wanted to appear for the interview at all. We were still contemplating on it, even on Saturday morning. Just the fact, that it was a Saturday and there was no office, it is a great school and should be at least given a chance, we had basically run out of excuses on why we cannot go. So, that is how, we did go.
Coming back to the photostat, we had thought that most schools keep a copier in the campus so we’ll get it from the school. At 9.00 AM, no other photocopier would be available. But, to our poor luck, the machine was closed and could not be used. To help the poor parents out, and save themselves the hassle, one of the teachers asked us to write a letter saying that we’ll submit it later, and she’ll sign it. A kind of attestation. So that is how we returned to the real process of interview.

The Interview:
Anay was quickly taken into a room, where there were couple of round tables set up. He was seated into a chair with two teachers on the table already. He was asked to do some coloring, as he told me later. In this meanwhile, we were supposed to answer some subjective questions – 1. How would you settle your child if he has a sibling? 2. Would you take external counselling if your child is not able to cope up with his studies? So, off we went, with all the tension, trying to write the best answers. The teacher had already warned that you better hurry, when she handed us the sheet, so we completed and returned the sheet in flat 10 minutes. We later realized that there were parents who were still sitting on the sheet, even after 30 minutes. Hope the quick turnaround earned us some brownie points. ๐Ÿ˜›
Well, then we were invited to the next table, where Anay’s interview was already in process, with another teacher. She did couple of exercises with him, like memory game, find the object different from others, create the same pattern by picking the right colored-balls, put beads into a thread in the same pattern as shown. And, then the regular questions like ‘reciting a poem, what’s your mam’s name, what’s your mom’s name’ etc. This went on for a good 15 minutes and I was surprised as well as proud to see Anay doing really well.
Before you jump to the conclusion that this is a harrowing experience for the child, then let me mention that the teacher took quite an effort to make Anay extremely comfortable. She never pushed him to answer correctly or incorrectly, or quickly. She was very polite to him, and spoke very softly. She tried to talk to him in English but when she realized he’s not very comfortable with the language, she quickly switched to asking in Hindi. Frankly, I was quite impressed with the teacher there.
Then, we were made to wait for some time in a big hall, with other parents, while the principal met parents, in a group of 5. So, now, that’s where our interview was to begin. We knew that she would most probably be asking something like ‘tell us about yourselves’ but then I was not really prepared for it. Tarun had said that we should try and seat in the middle of the group so that we get some time to think our answer. I simply ignored that too. He had been rambling all day, practically. So, there we were, with not much of preparation, and not much of choice in our seating pattern. The Principal asked us to speak, and the pair before us spoke so much that my only thought was – ‘I’ll try and be short’. So, there I was, pretty much short-selling myself, by saying a line or two, and finishing it there. Tarun tried to do best as he could, after me.
I realized my mistake once I was finished. I realized this was the chance I had to actually sell myself. The school cannot give you extra points for things there are but you didn’t say. You had to highlight it, and you didn’t do it.
It was quite a disappointing experience. Disappointed by myself.
The results came on Sunday night. We only got to see it on Monday morning. And, guess what, he made through. Anay did get selected!!

to be continued….


6 thoughts on “The weekend and the interview

  1. I read the sequel just now. Before commenting there, I want to stand by the congrats! Anay cracked the DPS interview. That’s what my congrats were for!! I knew there would be a twist in the sequel.

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