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Neil Gaiman

So, I had been wishing to read Neil’s work, for quite some time now. But, mostly, as it happens always, I used to procastinate the book-buying. So, eventually, I put a post on FB asking for some advices on which one of his works to start with. With some helpful friends, I found some titles. And then,….. I procastinated some more.

Finally, the day I re-remembered Neil Gaiman, I quickly went to Amazon, found the two titles suggested, and ordered them. That’s how I got my copy of ‘Stardust’ and ‘The Graveyard Book’.

Stardust was a slow-read, going by my standards of reading at break-neck speed, when I’m addicted to a mystery-fiction. But, then, that’s Neil Gaiman for you. He’s not your regular meal of chapati-daal, he’s the wine-tasting ceremony, that you should savour, lilt on your tongue and feel the aroma, before you take it in. And, that’s the only way you can enjoy this masterpiece of writing. 🙂

While I was going through the book, Tarun said you’re perhaps not enjoying the book. You’re taking way too long to finish this one. And, indeed it was true to an extent. The book took its time to grow on me. I’m usually a story/plot person, so the first few chapters were more of ‘meet the characters, stories around them’. And, each one is a new world in its own. It takes time to get a grasp of it. To understand that they all entwine with time. It should have been obvious! Silly me! But, then again, that’s the beauty of the writing. You can never guess how the story will go.

By the time I was past half the book, I was so hooked, I was reading by my phone light in dark, just to ensure no one disturbs me while I read, and let me finish my book. And, when I did finish. Man! It was a life-changing event. Or, a life-taking-reverse-gear. When I finished, I just sat down on the floor, ….in the dark….and wondered. The story ends with stars, with dreams, of travels, of journeys taken together, all around the world.

I was back in my childhood. Childhood of dreams, of stars, of wishes…

I remembered all the times when I had stood in my top-floor balcony, looking out at the star…dancing…for hours. I would talk to it, tell it about my problems, about my day-to-day happenings. When the light went out at night (and there used to be no inverters back then), we would/could go out and sleep in the balcony. But, I used to avoid that. Coz, if I lied down in the balcony, I just wouldn’t be able to sleep. I couldn’t close my eyes from gazing at the stars above. The clear sky, the mild breeze, the different formations of the stars, the light coming from them, or the moon.. well, the moon didn’t exist much for me. It was always the stars. So, I’ll believe the light was from the stars. (Scientifically too, it is from a star only…the sun, right, getting reflected by the moon. So technically, I’m not very mistaken 😉 )

If you ever feel like travelling back to your childhood, go and pick Stardust. Today.


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