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Tough Times

Dear Diary,

Tough times are on, just as they were anticipated. Starting from 28th September, when I got another of my wisdom tooth extracted, then 4th October, when I finally got my knee surgery done, and to the present, 14th October, when it has been 10 days and am still on pain-killers to pass through my day.

Wisdom-tooth, as much as I wanted to delay it, it had reached the point where I could do nothing to avoid it. Since the date for the knee surgery was not yet decided, I decided to go for the tooth, and get one problem out of the picture. Turns out it was a good decision. I got my stitches removed a day earlier than the usual stipulated time. They were removed earlier because the stipulated day, I was going in for the next surgery.

It doesn’t get freakier than this.

Then, the knee. Well, the knee. A surgery is a big deal in our homeopathy-ayurvedic-anything but allopathy family. And, the only reason for their phobia is because allopathy mostly turns towards medicines leading to side-effects, or a surgery! Whoa! A surgery.

So, it wasn’t easy to get them to understand that I did not believe in the undependable homeopathy. I wanted to go for the regular medicines where I know of the results, and the side-effects in advance. Since, it was a difficult task, I went for the most trusted method- Honesty. I plainly told my MIL one day, while we were on the issue, that I didn’t trust anything else. And, I’ll be going for the surgery, if needed. Surprisingly, she didn’t say anything against it. She accepted my decision right then. Perhaps, because she understands that healing is a lot about your trust on the doctor and the methodology. So, that was one problem solved.

We went to quite many doctors to get their advices, to be sure that surgery was the only way forward, to understand the after-affects. But, as luck would have it, in case of ligaments, most of the prognosis depends on the MRI. So, all the docs gave me the same advice – surgery. Then, it just hit me that rather than going for multiple docs, I should go for another MRI, to be sure. And, so I went for the most popular, and most trusted MRI center – Diwan Chand MRI in CP.

And, guess what!? The MRI did bring in some different results.

We took the report to our doctor, whom we had decided for the surgery, Mr Shekhar Srivastav from Sant Parmanand Hospital, Civil Lines, Delhi (reputed for Arthroscopy), that instead of one, I had two problems. Initially, it was only ‘Medial Meniscus Tear’, now I had ÁCL too. The ligament tear. So, initially, it was 20-minute procedure, followed by some casual exercises for a week. Now, it was going to be a 45-minute procedure, with 3-weeks of complete bed rest required. We got this information 3 days before my operation. We were sure of the doctor so there was no panic. But, we didn’t get a chance to surf the net to understand the after-affects.

Now, here I am. 10 days have passed. My doc had started my exercises right from Day 2. I started going for my physio since last friday, so not even 5 days passed since surgery. But, my knee is already getting stiff. Not just my knee, my other muscles are getting stiff because there is no activity that I am able to do. I do my regular exercises, which the doc advised me, but that doesn’t take care of the neck, the hip-joint and so many other muscles which are getting stiff because of inactivity.

This muscle-business, is really tricky and something really to be taken care of. I don’t know how I got into it (of course, because of your ignorance, you dumbhead!!) , but I sincerely hope I get out of it. And, get out of it healthy.

Fingers crossed!

I am aching to get back to work. To my regular days of boring routine life. Which don’t seem so boring and mundane anymore.

Pray for me!


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