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Overload of thoughts

Dear Diary,

I joined back work last week after a 3-week break. The knee is doing okay. The regular physio sessions are clearing helping. I missed a couple of them and I could see the deterioration within no time. So, they are not just helping, they are necessity.

My team in office definitely missed me. Ohh, the live-wire I am! They definitely had to miss me!! 😀 😛 But, even my team in US, with whom I work  remotely, welcomed me with aplomb. It’s nice to feel welcomed and missed. Especially at work. Because that’s the place we spend most of our time of the day. And also the most productive time. I had a 1-1 meeting with the top guy here and it went on amazing. The person is quite shrewd, not just because of the position he holds, but also because of his nature. So, if your meeting with him goes well, you must be doing really good. In my last 1 yr in office, whenever I used to have any conversation with him, no matter how brief 2 liner, it would leave my mouth with a bitter taste. And now, I had a 40-minute long meeting and I am feeling great even after a day. Wow! Happy Happy!

I went to my Mom’s place after a long gap of 3 months. I usually go once a month, even if for 2 days. Unfortunately, I could only go for 2 days even this time. But, it was worth it. The trip has caused me immense pain in my knee because of all the steps-climbing I did and I had to take a pain-killer last night but I don’t regret going. Even the two days gave me a lot of soul-searching opportunity. Top points of the thoughts

1. No matter how much hard-work you do, it doesn’t give you the entitlement to start expecting work from others. It is your choice and you should make it only if you think you’re capable. Once you start expecting from someone else, you hand over your happiness to someone else. This is something working women especially should remember who have more work piled on their plates.

2. Kids – whether a boy or a girl, reach an age when they stop connecting with their parents and become apathetic to their parents’ problems. Rather, they become critical of their continuous grievances. It usually comes between finished-studies-not-married-yet. It is a very sad and a difficult time for the parents. Dear God, please remind me this when Anay gives me this harsh time….’This too shall pass’.

3. When you meet someone less fortunate, or unfortunate in their lives, you clearly start feeling more guilty while cribbing. I always knew I am extremely fortunate, but I get humbled only when I meet someone who’s been quite unfortunate in their life. Not otherwise. I should remember to.

4. No one is right, no one is wrong. Don’t meddle with people’s lives. Don’t try to fix their problems. You are in no position to do that. Only and only God can do that. Just do what you can do. Try and be more responsible and available for people around you.

Someone at work is moving back from Noida to Sonepat. He’s decided to travel daily from his home there, to work. It has brought fresh memories of my plans to move to some place like Chandigarh. I had a very strong urge to do that back in 2013. I think I started to realize it’s improbability only this year. Remember, I posted about it here. That was a big turning point in my life. But, I still yearn to move around a bit. I know Tarun doesn’t want to. He wants to be close to home, to his parents, his relations. I want to travel to different places, view life in different areas. Even my job allows movement of places quite convenient. It’s only you who should be ready to take the plunge. I know I went to Bangalore and it didn’t work out. But, I still yearn to go. Yesterday, we were visited by a team from a company we’re closely working with. It is a small company of merely 12 people, but a world-leader. It’s India team is based out of Kolkata. Why not go and work from Kolkata. Our company is most open about working from different locations. Working from anywhere. If you can manage it, go ahead do it. The only thing holding me back, from not taking that risk, is my family. I wish I could convince him. I hope it doesn’t get too late.

– Hope hoping