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Fast growing kids!

Dear Diary,

I’m on a leave today. Was supposed to attend a wedding, but then Tarun pulled me out of it last minute, owing to my still-ailing, still-weak knee. I’m better but don’t have the strength to stand/walk around all-day. So, here I am, enjoying a peaceful day, with my apple-pie, Anay, with no one else home.

Anay has started talking about girls. Already! He’s 3 yrs and 9 months. The first time he spoke about a girl was on Teacher’s Day. He was barely 3 yrs 6 months then. He said something like ‘Sonika itni pyaari lag rahi thi, itni cute lag rahi thi’ (Sonika was looking so cute and lovely on Teacher’s Day). We were in the car, travelling somewhere, and both me and Tarun were shell-shocked. That was quite an explicit statement to make, coming from the mouth of a 3.5 yr old. Honestly, we were not ready for it. We knew a time will come when our son will have the hormones kicking, and it’ll be lot sooner than our times, coz kids are faster, but….so soon? Bahh! 🙂 I guess I can smile about it and not sweat it, coz that’s a son I am talking about. If that was a daughter, lord save the parents. No matter how open we may call ourselves, we’re inherently not.

Isn’t that too soon? Or, is it something the boys have inherently. He used to like Honey Singh’s videos n all, but I used to believe that’s because enjoy the peppy music. I wanted to believe that it has nothing to do with the skimpy-dressed girls there. But, if there were any misconceptions I was using to save my sanity, they all went for a toss when we went for watching ‘Happy New Year’. Listen to this one, okay!? So, he specifically asks us to go for a movie (he does enjoy movies, generally, so nothing out of place). We were out for MIL’s birthday so watching a movie was not something we were averse to. So, Anay says ‘All my class-fellows have seen this movie. I also got to watch it’. (Another surprise coz he’s in ‘pre-school’ and I can hardly believe that kids get time/whatever to discuss movies watched!!!!) Anyways, we decide it’s a harmless movie for kids, so let’s go. He’s sitting upright on the chair for good part of an hour, watching all of it. We believe that he might be really enjoying the movie. And then comes the item number by Deepika Padukone. (Main lovely ho gayi naam tera padke..). And, boom! He watches it, and comes over to me, asking me to watch it on my mobile. He’s no more interested in the movie at all. He was only and only interested in that song! Now, he won’t sit for the rest of the movie. We had to somehow cajole him into sitting for the rest, and not continue the rattle for the song.

!!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!! $%#@^@#^#^^@%^$@%^#

I mean, seriously!? So early!? Couldn’t I enjoy some more years of childhood innocence? Or, the boys are born with it? Now, I’m not that okay with showing him any of those popular videos that I used to show him, thinking he may learn some dance moves. Coz, I know he’s not interested in the dance moves.

Thankfully, he’s not into only-girls, or girls-as-friends and stuff. I hope that comes in the teens (Plz, God please!!) He enjoys playing with all sorts of them, boys/girls. And I’ll be more careful to not talk/suggest any gender-specific comments. I’m sure somewhere we have been the ones being careless about the kind of videos he’s exposed to. Or, asking him about the girls in his class, or his grand-parents asking if he finds anyone pretty. I really think kids pick a lot of it from our conversations, or the kind of comments we make, and he’s perhaps on the brink of it. I’ll be more careful. That is the only way I can keep his innocence and I really believe it is worth saving, for a little more time, at least.


Parenting is hard. And you oughtta learn fast, man! 😛 😀


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