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I screwed it up!

Dear Diary,

My happy bubble at work…I burst it, with my bare hands….because I couldn’t contain it. I was flying too high.

Anyways, this is what happened. We had a presentation at work, where pv folks from all teams were to get-together and speak about the good practices they were following and how it was bringing positive results.

It was first of its kind and it was my first in that big a forum. Some of the biggies of the company were supposed to be there.

While working on the ppt, I collected some data that clearly showed some remarkable work done by my team, esp me, as compared to the rest of the teams. I didn’t know that. It was nice to know, nonetheless.

As it turned out,  the other team took a peek into my ppt before the d-day and posted their results which were not just much higher than ours, but also deduced by very tweaked parameters.

While the ppt was on, their numbers took me by a surprise… and my body-language couldn’t have been louder about my thoughts. To make matters worst, I escalated the matter.

What did I do wrong?
– I was questioning a person’s integrity.
– I was doing that in a forum which is supposed to be high visibility. The person would fight tooth and nail, till the end of his life, to save himself and prove me wrong.
– I did it for a team that was revenue generating, while mine is at the back-end of it all. That team is pretty much the apple-of-the-eye right now.

It couldn’t get naiver than this. All I built so far, the reputation, the respect, the brotherhood, I lost it in a flick.

And, hence. Bad hit, lots lost, and time for phoenix to rise again from the ashes.


2 thoughts on “I screwed it up!

  1. At such times I use the wisdom of this beautiful quote by Confucius “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”!
    Cheers 🙂

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