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Cheers, to life!

Dear Diary,

There are so many small things going on in life. Nothing of much importance but each one is making my life and each day beautiful.

Things are settling down slowly in our new house. We’re working on making it home. 🙂 I and Tarun put up some paintings and hangings on the walls and that has really brought the house alive. All of them have been gifted to me by my Mom at some point or the other, after my marriage. They are things she bought from her travels. I love the prospect of showing off each of them, my collections, to my friends. I also have three paintings with me which she made herself. I think they are masterpieces, not just because she made them, but because I do think they are a class apart in the art category. If I were to be buried than burnt on my death, I would like to take those paintings to my grave with me. I love them so much. 😛

A dear friend of mine met me after a long time. I had been yearning to meet her for the longest of times and finally, we could, and she came home. I was so happy to be able to call her home. To be able to talk freely to her. I can’t explain but it’s a very valued feeling. The freedom to be able to call a friend home and talk freely.

Yesterday was the first time we had some proper guests coming home. My cousin sister self-invited herself to my place. 😛 So, we had her coming with her 3-month old son and husband. It was a nice feeling to be able to think, prepare, and plan a meal, for guests. It was a lot of work. So much cleaning-up to do. So much preparation of food to be done. Making sure there are minimal leftovers and yet sufficient for all. It was my first time doing all of it, all alone, without any guidance. It was fun. I prepared 2 veggies, apple-raita, cut some fresh fruits and a yummy cold-coffee for them. It was perfect to the T. 🙂

After a long time, I’m thinking back about my ambitions. About what I want in my career. About which way I want to tread my life. And, individually. I have never been stopped by Tarun but I never realized how much I had stopped thinking individually. I was making modifications to my plans to accommodate his. All couples do that, knowingly or unknowingly. But, in the process, I also realized that I didn’t need to. I was just using it as an excuse to avoid the hard work on the path. He can continue to tread his while I continue to tread mine. I’m excited, worried, waiting, yearning, inspired, all at same time.



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