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Fairy Tales

Dear Diary,

I’ve always been a romantic at heart. Not the romantic they mean in movies, (slashing wrists or waiting for horse-riding knight in shining armour. Ewwww!), but the romantic who believes in a happily-ever-after.

Mom called me one. I remember that often. She didn’t mean it in a positive sense, and I would wonder why she fet that. Because, most of my friends/peers believed that I was the most practical girl they had ever seen.

Once, in my college’s fresher’s party, I was asked that if you were stuck in a lift all alone, who would be the first one you would think of. This was a question asked to a 17-yr old girl. Who had just stepped up from high school and joined college. I guess they expected me to give the name of some boy, or some nonexistent boyfriend, or some crush, etc. My reply was – ‘The liftman!’
This was me, even then. I was practical, all the time, even then. So, how could she say I was a romantic!??

But, I now agree to her statement. More and more. My mind is practical and runs fast in difficult situations but my heart is free and dreams a lot. And that’s what makes me a romantic. My heart keeps dreaming and my mind keeps thinking of ways how that dream could be turned into reality. 😛

Most of my dreams have come true. A lot of things I could never imagine to have, I have. And, most of the dreams I still keep weaving, my mind is continously running on how to make them real. I wonder often that is it really me who’s working towards making all this? Or, is it just that I’ve been fat-lucky.

I do believe in destiny but I believe a lot in the power of thought. I feel that somewhere my constant belief that good will come out of it at the end, is what has made all this. The power of thought is what has made my life a fairy tale.

I have dreams which are yet to be fulfilled. I have no idea right now on how they will work out. I read Padamshree Warrior’s words – ‘Vision without a plan is just a dream’. I don’t have a vision, I don’t have a plan. I just have a dream as of now. My mind is working to see what plan can make that a reality. But, I have a strong power of thought. An intuition. A belief. That, I will. And, that makes me let my fairy tale life to continue. To sit back and enjoy the journey 🙂

Do you believe in the power of thought?