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Feeling Philosophical

Dear Diary, Life is not meant to be calm. It is meant to be full of waves, just like flowing river. So, there will be crests, there will be falls. What is important is to remember to keep yourself calm. I understand now what the Geeta says about not take anything too seriously. Neither happiness nor grievances. They are just part and parcel of life. When you don’t get too excited or exhilarated in your happy times, you don’t feel extremely sad or disappointed in times of grief/failures. There are turbulent times going on in the family. And, I can’t discuss them here. Because, ultimately this is a public forum. As much as I have wanted and kept these entries as honest and factual as possible, because I consider this to be my personal memoir, I can’t write about things which are not really ‘me’. This makes me feel lonely. When you get married, you believe that you’ve got somebody who’ll be a testimony to your life. Kind of a person, who saw through the highs and lows of your life. While he is there for all my ups and downs, there are times when I can’t just talk to him. Sometimes, it is because of my own prejudices, sometimes it is because I know how strongly he feels against the subject, or sometimes because they’re too satanic a feeling to discuss. So, nothing against the better half, but it makes you remember how you came alone to this world and no matter how honest a partner you find, you’ll have to tread it alone. People come for a reason. Some for a minute, some for a season. They come and when their part is over in your life’s play, they fade away. Sigh.


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