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Heart people vs Mind people

Dear Diary,

I know there’s no black and white ever in the world. There are always shades of grey. But, if we ever get down to specific percentage, minutely, we can divide the world into the hearts-people and the mind-people.

Hearts people are those who think with the heart and Mind-people are the ones who go by their minds. That is, if there is a conflict between the heart and the mind, there will be some who will always tend to let the heart win, while others will do what is practical.

We all listen to our hearts when we’re kids but as we grow old, we tend to become more and more clear which side we incline (heart vs mind).

So, the topic is not about what is right or wrong, but about the difficulties of heart-people. As long as I know, I’ve been a heart-person. I tend to listen to my heart. And, as times go on, and your conversations with yourself become more usual, than those with others, you become closer to your heart.

But, heart doesn’t always talk about the right things. Or, doesn’t like to follow the world norms. It doesn’t know of boundaries. It doesn’t know of cultures. Of values. Of beliefs. Of responsibilities.

It just knows about itself. Extremely selfish.

And, being a heart-person, you hear it telling you loud and clear, things which you have no business thinking, or knowing. Of even imagining. But you do.

And, then mind has a hard-time keeping the heart in control. And it must.

What do you think? Which kind are you?




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