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Love is all about you

I couldn’t express my thoughts and the idea so well. Mr. Sadhguru explains it beautifully.

What I said, let me re-quote –

“Love is mostly about the feelings/experiences/emotions you’re going through than the other person involved. It’s pretty pretty selfish in the garb of caring/sacrificing/loving the other person. Mostly whatever you do, you’re doing to satisfy your fears, or your whims and fancies, or your dreams. Never think that what you’re going through (hell/heaven) is because of the other person. If the person is not reciprocating the way you wanted them to, don’t reach to the conclusion that this is the end of the world or this is the only person you can ever live with. It is a long journey and there are lot of people in the world. (As of today, 1 billion in Delhi alone!). You’ll find someone else, perhaps even better. Plus, there are many more things in life than just love.”

What Sadhguru says, please read all of it.

It may not be easy to practice it. To love yourself so much that you glow like a flower, like you do when you’re in love (with someone else). But if we could achieve that, I think it’ll be heaven on earth for me! The most I miss about those times I thought I was in love is how I ‘felt’ at those times. You feel like a special person. You feel like a beautiful person, nothing to hate, nothing in you that’s not to like. You feel like you’re perfect in whatever form, shape, thoughts, ideas you have/are. I think there’s so much negativity, hatred, blaming in the world that people freely share what they dislike about you/others/world but they don’t so often express what they like about it. If you spread positive thoughts and feelings, you get positive things back to you.

I remember reading this post sometime in 2012.

I was recently travelling in Metro. As usual, it was completely full. There was a lady standing with a small child in her arms. She didn’t ask for anyone to vacate the seat. The seat in front of me was vacating. The girl next to me was tired and wanted to take it as soon as possible. I just asked her if she would be ok giving it up for the other girl. She was tired but said ok. Before the lady could come and sit, another woman took the seat. I politely asked her if she could adjust and let the lady with the child sit. She agreed too. And finally, I got a seat for someone who was in need. I remember the day when I did something good with no returns. I think it’s not that tough to do so. I couldn’t do it alone. There are high chances someone would have refused or protested against it. But, it’s just a matter of being positive and looking for positive side of people. I asked and I was given. Everything is not bad in the world. We just need to be positive and work towards bringing that out.

With hope




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