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Some indulgence – a little time for self-pity, May I?

Dear Diary,

It’s only been two days since the school reopened and I already feel washed out. We both wake up at 5-5:30 AM to ensure we finish everything and rush to office. We must reach by 8.00 AM if we want to take out time in the middle of the day for picking Anay and settling him home.

So, now, the schedule is that Tarun comes home to take Anay from his school bus at 1.00 PM and settles him at home. I start by 2.00 PM from my office and reach by 2:30 PM so that Tarun can reach back his office by 2:50 -3.00 PM. Then I work from home from 2:30 – 5.00 PM thus finishing my day of work. Tarun stays late at work and can only start back by 7.00 PM. Till this time, Anay is already tired and bored waiting for Tarun to come and take him to the pool. In the meanwhile, I prepare dinner and prepare for the next morning meals.

Yesterday was the first day of this marathon that both of us have signed ourselves up for, for this full school year. And, to prepare me for it, my maid didn’t come yesterday. So, there I was, trying to think positive, and making me believe that it’s better than any gymming that I’ll do. My body will perhaps thank me for it. I was on my feet from 5:30 PM – 9.00 PM. No exaggeration.

Aah! Needless to say, second day of waking up at 5:30 AM, and I’m already feeling dizzy and light-headed.

Okay. So, I’m done with my self-pity. Yes, this wasn’t going to be easy. Pretty much everyone is waiting for this arrangement to fail. So, I must try extra hard to make this work. Best part of the day? Watching my son gleam with joy on seeing me back home early. He could ask his Mom for soupy noodles anytime he wanted. I can’t explain the satisfaction that one simple demand gave me. That’s all.. this all is for.