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My Pandora’s Box

Dear Diary,

As you know already, I talk a lot. More than the usual standards. And, if I compare with what I write, I usually don’t talk about things that I write. So, I have a set of things I talk on and I’ve a completely different set that I write about. And, then, there are some thoughts that never make it to my tongue or my pen. So, they are left unshared, lost in the dark corners of my Pandora’s box.

I’m surprised at the number of thoughts that inhabit my Pandora’s box aka my mind. I was thinking I’ll start writing them all down but even before I start, I know my hands will get tired but the thoughts won’t stop. Plus, not to mention the time constraints that already are.

Sometimes, I feel my mind is cluttered and has become a dustbin of sorts. But, other times, when my mind is actually perplexed and has a problem to solve, and when I trace my thought-line, it leads me to a solution. In a way, I feel like the thoughts are my conversations with God which help me get to the answer of life’s problems – big or small.

Why do I have so many thoughts? Does everyone think so much? And that too, so much variety? How do you empty your mind of all these? Is it even required to get rid of them?



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