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of hatred

Hatred is a two – way sword. The more you inch from ‘dislike’ to ‘loathing’ to ‘hatred’ for a person, more pressure you exert on the sword to inch further into the person. And as you put pressure, more the sword digs deeper into your hand – from the edge pointing at you. The sword can never hurt the other person more than you because the pain is felt first in your hands! 

So, chose the people you hate, wisely!

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Of allowing human-ness

Dear Diary,

No one likes to be shouted at. Yet, none of us think that before we yell at someone.

No one likes to be called stupid. Yet, we never think twice before we call someone stupid.

No one is perfect. Yet, we never tire from pointing out people’s imperfections.

From today on, I’ll try to stay more calm. I’ll try to not shout or frown upon people. I’ll try not to bad-mouth people even when I’m gossiping lame stuff over tea.

It’s impossible to accept everything. Sometimes, it is important to tell people they’re doing it wrong. But, there’s always a better way of saying the same thing. Instead of saying – ‘you should know this, you stupid!’, I can say – ‘Why don’t you take another look at this and see if you can find the reason. I think you will. If not, please do come back and I’ll explain”.

More importantly, I’ll try not to feel anger at people’s imperfections. The key is not just to NOT show anger. It’s more important to not feel it either. Otherwise, anger keeps piling inside of us and it comes out with double force next time. So, it’s crucial to accept people as humans. Humans, capable of making mistakes, not everyone is at the same mile in the long journey. Some maybe ahead of us, some may still be behind. Let’s accept people as they are. Let’s allow them to be humans.

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Of ambitions and achievements

The thing about ambition and achievements is that they are many times measured based on others’ performance and not just your own.

As long as you keep the measurement just to yourself, you are happy and good. You’re working towards your goal. If you achieve it, that’s your hard-work well-earned. And if you fail, you learn from your mistakes.

But, as soon as you start looking around you, at other people, their achievements, their growth charts, you start creating problems for yourself.  Jealousy, envy, underplaying your achievements, all come into play.

None of that should matter. The more time you spend delving on those things, the more time you waste. You can’t change their lives. You surely are impacting your life by these negative thoughts. You worked hard, honestly and you earned your achievements. That is what matters. And that is what you should remember.

Life is getting above the negative thoughts which rise in your mind/heart and concentrating on the positive ones which want to grow more inside you. And, soon, the positivity will envelope you in such a way that none of the negatives will impact you any longer.

Take Care.