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N d days are numbered..

Well, a short update before I head on for the new phase of my life. 🙂

My flight to Bangalore is on Saturday. Most busy with packing, dreaming, planning, thinking and re-thinking.
After much discussion, I gave in to the practical solution. So, for now, it would be me and Tarun who would go to Bangalore. Anay will stay back with his Amma/Baba. It’s good he’s small. I wouldn’t want him to go through the same tormented time as me.

No one is giving much thought on my emotions of leaving him behind. It seems like everyone thinks it’s not big a deal. Maybe because my SIL’s have left their kids to my MIL for some time, at some point in their lives. Or, maybe, because I don’t come across as a person with lots of emotions and attachments. ($%#%^#$%#$)???????????

I went to my parents’ home yesterday. Mom was not keeping well. She has been diagnosed with sugar problem and it shooted to 400 yesterday, while she was at work. My Dad never mentioned that to me, and casually told me about it, so that I don’t get worried, and don’t come running. I went anyways. I knew he would never give me the real picture so better I go and see her, before I leave for the far-far-place.
And, as expected, my Dad had hidden the picture from me, as I found that my Mom was in hospital. Though it was more of a precautionary thing but I think, I have complete right to know the real picture. Sometimes, it makes me feel so distant and so much a stranger to them. It feels very sad. Anyways, I know that the truth is because they are trying to save me from the tension. They knew I was super-busy with packing and all and had no time. But, still.
I would rather like to know the complete damage and deal with it than keep wondering. 😦 :-/

Things are moving fine at work. It’s a week for parties and farewells. I’ve one farewell lunch today, then another on Friday. Friday will be my last.

Well, this being my second switch, my feelings are very different. When I left my last company,  I was aching to leave it so my last day came as a big happiness to me. But, here, I actually liked it. I’ll miss it. I’ll miss my colleague, Aanchal. If I could come back here without being at logger-heads with her professionally, I would love to. I wish I could come back to this. I sincerely wish so.

Don’t know where life will take me. It seems surprising to be leaving a company when you were so settled in it. But, life springs surprises at you. So, there I am. Taking it in my stride.

So, my dear friend Life, let’s go!!


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